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How To Choose A Smart Door Lock With Right Technology
Release time:2023-09-15

abstract:In the modern age, home security has undergone a significant revolution with the advent of smart home technologies. One of the most notable advancements is the smart door lock. However, with so many options available, how do you choose the best one with the right technology for your needs?

The ABCs of smart door locks

Smart door locks represent the future of home access. Moving away from the conventional key-based systems, these locks provide seamless access using PINs, biometrics like fingerprints, RFID cards, or even nifty mobile apps. An added perk? These locks gel seamlessly with other smart home gadgets, offering a consolidated handle on your home’s security apparatus.

Different technologies behind smart door locks

For those pondering a leap into the future of home security, understanding the technologies that drive these locks is pivotal. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown:


Overview: A technology designed to connect devices over short distances without the internet’s intervention.

Strengths: It’s battery-friendly, especially the low-energy version. Bluetooth-powered locks can also detect when your phone is in proximity, providing automated unlocking. Moreover, with encrypted connections, security isn’t a concern.

Drawbacks: Its strength fades with distance. Anything beyond 100 feet and its efficacy diminishes. Remote functionalities require additional components.


Overview: Locks harness your home’s Wi-Fi to provide a truly remote experience.

Strengths: search Lock or unlock your doors from anywhere with an internet connection. Also, receive real-time updates on lock activity. Plus, they can integrate smoothly with systems like Alexa or Google Assistant.

Drawbacks: More frequent battery replacements because of high power consumption. If the internet crashes, so does the remote access.


Overview: Wireless communication technologies are tailored for smart homes but are often reliant on hubs or central controllers.

Strengths: They’re designed to be power efficient. Also, they can beautifully mesh with various smart home systems, paving the way for complex automation.

Drawbacks: You’ll need a compatible hub, which adds layers to the setup and potential costs.


Overview: Locks that bank on unique individual characteristics like fingerprints or facial scans for access.

Strengths: Extremely secure given the uniqueness of biometrics. Access is swift — a touch or glance does the trick.

Drawbacks: They can be pricey. There can be occasional hiccups, like dirty scanners or inadequate lighting, causing recognition issues.

5.RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Overview: Uses electromagnetic fields to detect and track tags on objects like cards.

Strengths: The epitome of convenience. Bring the RFID tag closed, and access is granted. Multiple tags for multiple users are an advantage.

Drawbacks: Tags, like keys, can be misplaced. While largely secure, there are concerns about signals being intercepted, though advanced encryptions are bridging this gap.

Factors Guiding Your Smart Lock Selection

1.Stellar security: Any lock’s primary objective is to ensure security. So, knowledge about the lock’s security credentials is crucial. Look out for ANSI/BHMA certifications and ensure the chosen tech boasts robust encryption protocols.

2.Battery life’s role: Gauge the battery lifespan and how often you’d be comfortable replacing or charging it. Some might need monthly check-ins, while others run for years. The type of battery and low-battery alerts should also be on your checklist.

3.Integration prowess: The magic amplifies when the lock integrates with other smart devices. Whether it’s platforms like Google Assistant or smart cameras and lighting systems, the synergy can redefine convenience.

4.Ease of installation: Consider if you’re up for a DIY installation or if you’d rather get professional hands on deck. It’s also vital to check if the lock will be compatible with your existing door hardware.

5.Diverse access modes: Ponder over the access method that resonates with your lifestyle. From smartphone apps and keypads to biometric systems and traditional key backups, the choices are abundant.

Features to Look Out For

1.Auto-locking and unlocking

This feature ensures that when you step away, your door locks itself either after a designated timeframe or simply by sensing your absence. Likewise, as you stroll up, it cleverly recognizes your approach and smoothly unlocks.

Safety assurance: If you forget to lock your door, the system ensures it’s secured.

No hands required: A boon for those instances, when you’re juggling groceries or multiple bags and wrestling with keys, which seems like a daunting task.

2.Remote access and control

Using a user-friendly app or a browser, you can remotely control your lock from any place with internet connectivity.

Emergency situations: If you realize you’ve left your door unlocked or need to grant access in an emergency, remote control is invaluable.

Guest management: If you’re away from home and need to let someone in, you can do so without sharing permanent access codes.

3.Activity logs

Think of it as a diary your smart lock keeps, noting down every time someone comes or goes.

Stay informed: A neat way to discern the comings and goings of family members.

Guardian mode: Quickly pinpoint any dubious or unapproved access tries.

4.Voice control integration

Merge your smart lock functionality with voice maestros like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri and command them verbally.

Command with comfort: Ask your assistant to handle the lock while you chill.

Synchronized smart living: Combine voice commands to create smart home actions. Like dimming lights when you say “Goodnight” and locking up.

5.Backup access methods

Aside from the prime entry mode – be it an app, a PIN, or biometrics, most smart locks present multiple alternative entry routes.

Fail-safe access: For scenarios when primary access is compromised, maybe due to drained batteries or a misplaced phone, backup options come to the rescue.

Situation-flexible: Different situations might call for varied access methods, offering flexibility to users.

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Navigating the vast world of smart door locks or motorlås can be daunting. Smart door locks are emblematic of the seamless blend between technology and daily living. Beyond mere security gadgets, they promise convenience and holistic integration. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply someone keen on elevating their home’s security game, the expansive world of smart locks has a spot for everyone.

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