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How about the price of furniture hardware handle and what are the influencing factors
Release time:2021-12-24

abstract: hardware door handle and window handle and cabinet handle


Furniture hardware handle can be seen everywhere in daily home life. As a part of home decoration hardware accessories, hardware handle is also the most widely used in furniture, which is practical and decorative. As the saying goes, "details determine success or failure". If the purchase of small hardware handle is not good, the effect of home decoration will be greatly reduced. However, at present, there are many kinds and brands of door handles in the home building materials market, and the styles are similar, but the price is a lot worse. The price of furniture hardware handle can vary by tens of yuan or even thousands of yuan. What's the difference? How to choose a satisfactory, quality, price and relatively appropriate hardware handle for the new home?

The price difference of furniture hardware handle is mainly in these two points: one is brand, the other is appearance. In the high-grade hardware handle, most of them are imported products. According to the different models and styles, the price has great deviation. The hardware handle with the same or similar quality has different prices due to different appearance.


There are two kinds of high-grade imported hardware handles: full set of imported and domestic assembly of imported accessories. The prices of these two types of imported hardware handles are different, so attention should be paid to distinguish when purchasing supporting products. Sometimes it is not that the more complex the structure, the more expensive the hardware handle is. The material of the hardware handle can not completely determine the price. The price depends on the process difficulty required to create the shape and the size of the brand.

At present, the development speed of domestic hardware handle is fast, and its price is divided into high and low. The price is mainly divided by material, appearance and process level. The material can be divided into zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, ceramics, pure copper and pure iron. The process includes surface electroplating, polishing and oxidation. These three elements determine the price of the product. The most common materials on the market are zinc alloy and stainless steel. Because their appearance can be diverse and meet the needs of different styles, the above factors account for the main. In addition to manual transportation costs, you can understand the price of a furniture hardware handle. I hope it will be helpful to you.