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Remote Visual Security How about Philips DDL702-VP-5HW Visual Smart Lock
Release time:2022-06-24

abstract:Nowadays, visual smart lock has become one of the most popular smart lock categories for consumers. So, what kind of visual smart lock should we choose?

Evaluation | Remote Visual Security How about Philips DDL702-VP-5HW Visual Smart Lock?Wenzhou Hardware Locks Exhibition was published in Zhejiang 

Nowadays, visual smart lock has become one of the most popular smart lock categories for consumers. So, what kind of visual smart lock should we choose? The upgraded Philips DDL702-VP-5HW visual smart lock may be a good choice.First of all, as an internationally renowned brand, Philips Smart Lock has been at the leading level in the industry since it entered the Chinese market, and has been recognized by consumers. Secondly, DDL702-VP-5HW has the functions of local cat's eye, remote video call and real-time push of door lock status, which brings visible home security to users.In this issue, the evaluation team of Door Lock World will comprehensively analyze the highlights and advantages of Philips DDL702-VP-5HW visual intelligent lock from three aspects: unpacking, lock identification and experience.Unpacking NO.01High design recognition, more careful internal maintenanceThe outer package of DDL702-VP-5HW visual smart lock continues the consistent design style of Philips smart lock-the front is the product rendering and brief introduction, and it can be seen at a glance that this is a product from Philips, with high recognition.pictureThe back of the package is as simple as ever, except that Philips LOGO and Slogan "change and enlighten a little".pictureBesides the manufacturer information and product parameters, the side of the package has a special feature-the logo of "National Quality Inspection Stable Qualified Products" issued by China Quality Inspection Association. You can check the authenticity through the official website of the association or by scanning the QR code.pictureAfter the package was opened, it was found that DDL702-VP-5HW used the shock-absorbing bracket made of recycled pulp to protect the product in all directions, and each part was provided with a corresponding slot. Keys, locks, screw fittings, etc. are packaged separately.pictureThe bottom layer of the package is the front and rear panels of DDL702-VP-5HW. Besides the shock-absorbing bracket for protection, there are soft cloth bags for wrapping.pictureIn addition to the front and rear panels, DDL702-VP-5HW package contains mechanical keys, screw fittings, lithium battery, quick use guide, certificate of approval, automatic lock body, product quality warranty certificate, wiping cloth and other related accessories.pictureOn the whole, DDL702-VP-5HW packaging is still a simple route, and the maintenance of all parts is in place.Jian NO.02The design of integrated IML wire drawing process is more grade.DDL702-VP-5HW continues the simple and fashionable appearance and design elements of Philips Smart Lock. The body adopts integrated design, which makes it more integrated.pictureThe front panel of DDL702-VP-5HW adopts push-pull structure design, and the panel adopts IML wire drawing process, which is comfortable to the touch, strong in texture and not easy to be worn and scratched.picturepictureThe top side of the front panel of DDL702-VP-5HW is a 144-degree wide-angle HD camera and two infrared fill lights.pictureBelow the high-definition camera is Philips LOGO and the iconic smile status display lamp. Red indicates that the verification fails or is locked, green indicates that the verification is successful, and blue indicates that the door lock is awake. Three-color status lights show cool and colorful visual effects.pictureBelow the status light are the fingerprint identification sensor and the doorbell button. As the fingerprint identification sensor is designed at the outer side of the push-pull handle, when in use, you only need to gently hold the handle, and then put your thumb at the fingerprint identification sensor to complete the verification and open the door, which is very humanized.pictureBelow the doorbell is the numeric keypad area and card swiping area, and the white numeric keys are matched with obsidian black IML wiredrawing process, which makes the door lock highly technical and fashionable, and there is a one-button mute function on the numeric keys.picturePIR sensor is located at the bottom of the front panel, and someone wandering in front of the door within 3m will trigger cat's eye capture and alarm function.pictureThe bottom of the front panel is an emergency mechanical keyhole and an emergency charging interface. DDL702-VP-5HW adopts Type-C interface. When the door lock is out of power, it can be unlocked by emergency power supply with ordinary charging treasure.pictureThe rear panel of DDL702-VP-5HW adopts push-pull structure design, which is also very simple, fashionable and atmospheric.picturepictureThe upper side of the rear panel is a 4-inch IPS high-definition display, through which you can view the situation outside the door at home, especially suitable for the elderly and children when they are alone at home.pictureThe inside of the HD screen is the battery compartment, and DDL702-VP-5HW adopts the lithium battery provided by ningde new energy Technology Co., Ltd., with a capacity of up to 5000mAh, which can bring stronger endurance to the door lock.picturepictureAt the bottom of the HD screen are the "OPEN" unlock key, the "CLOSE" lock key and the mechanical quick-opening knob. The quick-opening knob is not affected by the electronic part, and can still be quickly unlocked to escape in emergency situations such as fire.pictureAt the bottom of the rear panel is a push-pull unlocking handle, the outer side of which is provided with a red sensor and the inner side with a touch sensor, which can be unlocked by holding both sides of the handle with hands, so that the handle can be unlocked when it falls.pictureWith its high face value and exquisite workmanship, DDL702-VP-5HW has added a lot of elegance, which can be called a boutique in smart locks!Experience NO.03Remote visibility+local cat's eye security can be seen online.Before experiencing DDL702-VP-5HW, we must activate it. Activation must be carried out through Philips Smart Lock WeChat official account, and the regional sales code must be entered. Generally, it is completed by the after-sales personnel who install it at the door, and consumers do not need to operate it, so it will not be repeated here.pictureAfter activation, user management and other related settings are required for the door lock. Like other Philips smart locks, DDL702-VP-5HW can enter the setting mode by double-clicking "*" in the numeric keypad area of the front panel and entering the administrator password. Users can complete all settings according to voice navigation, and the operation is very simple.As a visual intelligent lock, network distribution is an indispensable step. You need to download the "Philips Easkey Plus”APP and register your account. DDL702-VP-5HW has two distribution modes, one is "code scanning and adding" and the other is "manual adding". Among them, "scan code to add" is the most convenient. Just click "Add Device" at the bottom of the APP page to scan the QR code on the battery cover to get the door lock ID, and then you can complete the networking binding according to the APP prompts.After everything is ready, we can enter the experience session. DDL702-VP-5HW supports fingerprints, passwords (30-minute temporary password, one-time password, and virtual password), encrypted CUP cards (dynamic encryption is adopted, which makes it difficult to copy and safer), mechanical keys, and double authentication (fingerprint+password, fingerprint+card, and card+password), which can be selected arbitrarily. However, in daily use, fingerprint identification is the most convenient way to open DDL702-VP-5HW. Just hold the handle and put your thumb at the fingerprint identification sensor.To set a temporary password, you must go through the "Philips Easkey Plus”APP. Click the" key "at the bottom of the APP page to enter the door opening management page, and then click the" temporary password "to generate a 30-minute valid temporary password, which can be sent to temporary visitors via WeChat or SMS.pictureThere are three ways to unlock indoors: the first way is to hold the push-pull handle and touch the unlocking sensing areas inside and outside the handle at the same time. This design is mainly designed to prevent children, pets, etc. from accidentally touching the unlocking and getting lost; The second is to double-click the "OPEN" key to unlock it. The reason why you have to double-click to unlock it is also to prevent children and pets from getting lost by mistake. The third is to rotate the "mechanical quick-opening knob".As DDL702-VP-5HW adopts automatic lock body, it will be automatically unlocked after successful verification, and automatically locked when the door is closed, which is very convenient.As a visual intelligent lock, the most powerful function of DDL702-VP-5HW is the remote visual function. When someone rings the doorbell, the door lock will automatically send a visual call request to the user's mobile APP, and after receiving the call, you can make a two-way video call with the visitor. After confirming the visitor's identity, you can click the "temporary password" at the bottom right of the screen to generate a temporary password valid within 30 minutes, and the visitor can unlock the door temporarily.In addition, the APP intelligent control function of DDL702-VP-5HW is also very practical, and it can manage keys, system settings and other related operations.pictureAt the same time, you can also receive the real-time push of door lock status, and check the electric quantity of door lock, operation records (locking and opening records, etc.), visitor records (ringing the doorbell to capture records), and early warning messages (abnormal bolt, forced door opening, wandering alarm, etc.).picturepictureWhen someone APProaches the door lock (1-3 meters can be set) and stays in front of the door for a certain time (10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds can be set), the camera will be turned on and snAPPed, and the captured picture will be pushed to the user's mobile phone app in real time. Moreover, DDL702-VP-5HW also has a trial-and-error alarm function for many times. When criminals try to unlock the door lock five times by error verification, it will automatically lock and push the locking alarm information to the app.Conclusion NO.04Summary of highlights of DDL702-VP-5HWAfter several days' experience, Door Lock World Evaluation Group believes that Philips DDL702-VP-5HW visual intelligent lock has the following highlights:First, simplicity, fashion and exquisite workmanship. DDL702-VP-5HW continues the simple and fashionable design style of Philips smart locks, especially the red, green and blue smile status lights, which make the door locks more cool and can be regarded as the best among smart locks in terms of face value. In terms of workmanship, DDL702-VP-5HW is made by integrated molding, and the IML wire drawing process brings a very delicate touch and texture to the door lock.Second, the powerful visual function. DDL702-VP-5HW not only supports remote video intercom and monitoring functions, but also indoor HD screen makes DDL702-VP-5HW's local cat's eye function more practical, which is the gospel for the elderly and children alone.Third, it supports a variety of opening methods, and the APP is rich in functions and practical. DDL702-VP-5HW supports fingerprint, password, double authentication and other door opening methods, which can meet the unlocking habits and needs of different members. What's more, the APP is very rich in functions, which can check the status of door locks and the situation of family members entering and leaving the house in real time.On the whole, DDL702-VP-5HW is excellent in terms of face value, quality and experience, and it is a rare smart lock.