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  • The 2024 WZHL Promotion Conference was held with Zhejiang Province Padlock Industry Association

    On January 30th, the organizing committee of Wenzhou International Hardware and Lock Exhibition, together with Wenzhou Hardware Chamber of Commerce, visited the Zhejiang Province Padlock Industry Association. Zheng Yongjin, the president of the Zhejiang Province Padlock Industry Association, and Yang Xinming, the secretary-general, warmly welcomed us. At the same time, a promotion meeting for the 2024 China (Wenzhou) International Hardware and Lock Exhibition was held.

    2024-03-01 17:07:19
  • The pre-registration channel for visitors at the 2024 WZHL has been fully opened!

    Step on the trend and sail far away! The 2024 China (Wenzhou) International Hardware and Lock Exhibition will meet you again from 28-30 May at the Wenzhou International Convention&Exhibition Center. At that time, more than 700 high-quality enterprises will gather and make their appearance, and the 50000㎡ exhibition area will unleash unlimited business opportunities for the industry.

    2023-12-07 17:18:54
  • Yale University launches innovative smart locks and keyboards for convenient keyless entry

    Recently, according to Global Times, Yale University has released a smart lock product called "Yale Approach Lock". This product can be easily modified onto most traditional door locks, providing users with an unprecedented keyless and convenient experience.

    2024-04-13 10:59:25
  • What are the detection types and inspection processes for smart door locks?

    Smart locks generally go through certification, testing, and inspection processes before being launched. A good smart lock must be tested by a professional organization in order to have strong market persuasiveness. So, many smart door lock manufacturers need to go to professional institutions for inspection before putting their products into the market. The product testing of smart door locks is carried out in accordance with relevant standards. Currently, representative ones include the national standard "General Technical Conditions for Lock Safety" (GB 21556-2008), industry standards "Electronic Anti-theft Locks" (GA 374-2019), and "General Technical Conditions for Fingerprint Anti-theft Locks" (GA701-2007).

    2024-04-10 11:21:50
  • How to choose the appropriate locking tongue?

    The locking tongue, which may seem insignificant on smart locks, actually contains many benefits and has a significant impact on the performance of smart locks.

    2024-04-07 14:23:34
  • Kaadas has Built the "Intelligent Security Industry Park and Global Super Factory"

    On March 29th, the "Kaadas Intelligent Security Industrial Park and Global Super Factory" celebration was successfully held in Ouhai District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Liu Yunfeng, Deputy Secretary and District Mayor of Ouhai District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Lin Zhaoguang, Standing Committee Member and Deputy District Mayor of Ouhai District, Zhang Dongli, Chairman of the China National Hardware Association, Su Zhiyong, Founder and President of Kaadas brand, Su Qiyun, Chairman of Kaadas Group, Sun Mingyang, Co-President of Kaadas Group, Tang Shengwei, Vice President of Kaadas Group, and Jiang Niangen, General Manager of Kaadas Industry Co., Ltd. The senior leaders, partners, authoritative media representatives and other heavyweight guests of the group attended this celebration.

    2024-04-02 11:10:23
  • Huawei has applied for another smart door lock patent

    On March 26, 2024, according to the latest announcement of the China National Intellectual Property Administration, a patent application of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. entitled "a control method of intelligent door locks and related devices" came into public view, with the publication number of CN117765636A, and the application date of the patent was September 2022.

    2024-03-29 17:08:51
  • The Preparatory Work Meeting for the 2024 WZHL was Successfully Held

    On the afternoon of March 25th, 2024, the working conference of the China (Wenzhou) International Hardware and Lock Exhibition was held in the conference room of the Wenzhou Hardware Chamber of Commerce. Cheng Jingkun, President of the Wenzhou Hardware Chamber of Commerce, Chen Jianlong and Jin Changhui, Executive Vice President, Li Guorong, Secretary General, and relevant persons in charge of the Zhejiang Donnor Int'l Exhibition Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

    2024-03-28 14:49:49
  • What are the requirements for installing smart locks?

    At present, smart door locks have entered thousands of households with their powerful and convenient functions, but many users often only focus on the appearance and quality of smart door locks, unaware that the installation of smart locks is also very important. Below, the editor will share with you several precautions for installing smart door locks.

    2024-03-26 16:45:16
  • TOP 10 list of preferred smart lock brands in the housing construction supply chain

    On March 20th, the 2024 China Top 500 Real Estate Evaluation Results Conference and Real Estate Enterprise Development Summit Forum were grandly held in Beijing, where the comprehensive strength evaluation results of real estate development enterprises in 2024 were released.

    2024-03-22 14:03:51

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