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The pre-registration channel for visitors at the 2024 WZHL has been fully opened!
Release time:2023-12-07
Original:WHZL Committee

abstract:Step on the trend and sail far away! The 2024 China (Wenzhou) International Hardware and Lock Exhibition will meet you again from 28-30 May at the Wenzhou International Convention&Exhibition Center. At that time, more than 700 high-quality enterprises will gather and make their appearance, and the 50000㎡ exhibition area will unleash unlimited business opportunities for the industry.

This exhibition showcases products including construction hardware, door and window hardware, door accessories hardware, high-end customized hardware, functional hardware, smart locks, mechanical locks, software suppliers/chains, whole-house customization, mechanical equipment, etc. Wenzhou and domestic mainstream brands of household hardware and smart locks gather at exhibitions. In addition to Kaadas, VOC, General Motors, Tianyu, Zoli, Zhongzheng, KUB, Xima, Carter, Yali, Naichi, Kaiyu, Oude Gate Control, Heimei Technology and other Wenzhou local enterprises, the exhibition also attracts renowned domestic enterprises and listed companies in the customized hardware and smart lock industry chain, such as Hutlon, Tute, Nomi, DTC, JoyLink, CVC, Tenon, Lockin, etc..

Jointly attend a feast of ideas and seize the industry trend

When the tide rises, how to find a direction to move forward in the waves, grasp the pace of development, and open up new opportunities in the changing situation? 2024 China (Wenzhou) International Hardware and Lock Exhibition will bring various resources!

The exhibition will be held simultaneously with 2024 China (Wenzhou) Smart Lock Industrial Chain Forum2024 International Door and Home Furnishing Industry Summit and other forums, gathering industry leaders, experts and professors, well-known enterprise founders and executives to conduct in-depth discussions around industry hotspots, policies, development trends, and future layouts, providing ideas for the transformation and innovation of the hardware and lock industry, and contributing to the high-quality development of China's advanced manufacturing industry!

Show strength through data and win praise through effectiveness

2023 exhibition data:

The previous exhibition attracted 33,138 professional visitors to visit and purchase, including 292 foreign visitors. The total number of buyers increased by over 40% compared to 2022. Over 700 companies from Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places participated in the exhibition, with a year-on-year increase of over 60% in scale compared to 2022. According to the on-site survey, over 95% of participating companies expressed satisfaction with the work of the exhibition.

28-30 May, 2024

Looking forward to meeting you!

China (Wenzhou) International Hardware and Lock Exhibition

Pre-register: http://donnor.cn/3EpI

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Why pre-register in advance?

You can get:

1. Green channel to enter the exhibition without queuing on-site

2. Free participation quota for the summit forum

3. Free access to VIP lounge and negotiation area

4. Exclusive beverages for VIP

5. A copy of the conference journal as a gift