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The 2024 WZHL Promotion Conference was held with Zhejiang Province Padlock Industry Association
Release time:2024-03-01
Original:Chinazns.com;WZHL Organizing Committee

abstract:On January 30th, the organizing committee of Wenzhou International Hardware and Lock Exhibition, together with Wenzhou Hardware Chamber of Commerce, visited the Zhejiang Province Padlock Industry Association. Zheng Yongjin, the president of the Zhejiang Province Padlock Industry Association, and Yang Xinming, the secretary-general, warmly welcomed us. At the same time, a promotion meeting for the 2024 China (Wenzhou) International Hardware and Lock Exhibition was held.

This promotion conference has conducted in-depth discussions on establishing cooperation between the two parties and promoting industrial upgrading, aiming to provide exhibitors, professional buyers, and visitors with better services and create a high-level event. As important production and export bases for hardware and locks, Wenzhou and Pujiang have a long history and rich experience. This collaboration aims to build a platform for domestic and foreign enterprises to showcase, exchange, and cooperate, further promoting innovation and development in the hardware and lock industry.


Zheng Yongjin (left), President of Zhejiang Province Padlock Industry Association; Cheng Jingkun (right), President of Wenzhou Hardware Chamber of Commerce

Subsequently, the organizing committee provided a detailed introduction to the exhibition scale, exhibition area settings, event arrangements, and other related information about this exhibition. At the same time, a series of professional forums, technical exchanges, and business negotiation activities will be held to provide an interactive platform for exhibitors and professional audiences.


After the meeting, many entrepreneurs on site consulted the organizing committee for detailed exhibition matters and confirmed their booth on site, hoping to actively participate in international and domestic trade market exchanges and seek more cooperation opportunities through the exhibition platform.