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Yale University launches innovative smart locks and keyboards for convenient keyless entry
Release time:2024-04-13
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abstract:Recently, according to Global Times, Yale University has released a smart lock product called "Yale Approach Lock". This product can be easily modified onto most traditional door locks, providing users with an unprecedented keyless and convenient experience.

According to international media reports, this new smart lock does not require replacing the entire door lock device, but can be attached to existing door locks through simple modifications, greatly simplifying the installation steps. Yale University emphasizes that this smart lock, designed specifically for indoor use, has a simple and fast installation process. Users only need a screwdriver to complete the installation in about ten minutes. Its ultra-thin design closely adheres to the facade, not only enhancing aesthetics but also saving space.

After installation, users will enjoy the automatic locking and unlocking functions of the smart lock. When users go out and need help from friends with household chores, such as watering flowers or taking care of pets, remote operations can be achieved through the "Yale Access" application. The uniqueness of this lock lies in its special tenant friendliness, as it is installed on the back of the door lock, allowing tenants and landlords to continue using the original physical key.

The intelligence of Yale Approach goes beyond that, and it can seamlessly integrate with smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Philips Hue, and Samsung SmartThings, allowing users to enjoy a comprehensive smart life. Yale University stated that more intelligent features will be added to the lock in the future.

Meanwhile, Yale University has also launched a compatible smart keyboard - the Yale Keypad. This keyboard is not only compatible with Yale Approach and other Yale smart products, but can also be used in conjunction with multiple August smart locks. Users can quickly control the door lock through personalized codes and provide temporary access codes for guests. The keyboard design takes into account backlighting and weather resistance, making it convenient for users to use in various environments. It is expected that Yale University plans to launch a version that supports fingerprint unlocking in the future, further enhancing security and convenience.

At present, these two new products have been launched for sale on the official websites of Yale University and August. The Yale Approach offers two exterior options: black suede and silver, priced at $130 per unit, while the Yale Keypad is priced at $70. At the same time, the bundled selling price of the two products is $180, providing a new choice for consumers pursuing smart home safety.