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Loock Lauch Online Reward activity to Encourage the Clients' Participating
Release time:2021-11-15
Original:loock lock

abstract:Message Interaction Game of Loock lock comany

This company has lauched an interaction with the clients and public in the Wechat Serive Account for celeberating it's great success of the Festival of "11.11",the Biggest and the most influent Shopping Festervial of the Chinese online E-commerce.

Let's check the messages from the public who were competation for the  prize.


Message Interaction Game

Thank you for your company along the way

Together witnessed one highlight after another

So in your heart

Which innovation and breakthrough do you want to praise most for Luke

Leave a message below "what do you want to like most to deer customers" and explain the reason

Fawn will like from the top 10 comments

Pick one of the most creative fans

Give a deer finger vein intelligent lock sv401 as a gift

Follow microblog @ deer finger vein

Participation and interaction

You can also take another deer finger vein intelligent lock SV40

After the above messages are selected, they will be visible to all

Selected messages


I most want to praise Luke's vein intelligent lock. Luke's lock head has a full sense of design, high-end atmosphere and high grade. It's very good. The door lock is thick, high safety factor and powerful function. The installation master is careful and considerate. Later, the family chose Luke and has alarm function, which is very convenient. The customer service is also very professional. It's really considerate and considerate. I like it very much! Always support Luke!

Luke intelligent lock


Xiaobian is happy to fly!


I'd like to praise Luke's finger vein smart lock. Technology will make life better. There are smart locks and smart toilets at home. I don't think the previous classic is perfect. SV40 is really exciting. It's very convenient to change to a new house. It can be said that the operation is simple, the functions are complete, the recognition rate is very high, and it can be opened in seconds and is more efficient. Jingdong double eleven bought it, bought it, bought it!


I most want to praise the deer's finger vein technology. My fingerprint is not clear, so sometimes it's very embarrassing! Smart locks are not smart for me at all! It's not convenient to enter the password! Deer's finger vein recognition technology makes me have no worries! I have to praise the deer guest. The details are really full of heart! Through the core function of finger vein technology, in vivo identification is not afraid of sweating hands and unclear fingerprints! It's really cool! It's very convenient to use finger vein technology. Give you some praise!

Luke intelligent lock


After solving your problem, all colleagues of Luke are happy to fly!


I'd like to praise the Luke women's voice changing communication technology. This function is very easy to use. I've used it, especially for single women! Sometimes this sound changing function is needed, which can play a protective role at critical moments. We can say that details determine success or failure. Deer guest really awesome! Love you!

Luke intelligent lock


We love you so much!

℡ chasing deer 🦌

I want to praise him for his high performance and safety. Now there are lock prying in many places, and Luke intelligent lock also solves this problem. Its security is very high. Moreover, for us, they only play voice. It is very convenient and fast enough to open the door and prevent others from stealing, So that's what I want to praise him most

Indifference is not innate

It's been used for more than three months. Overall, I feel it's very good. The after-sales service of Luke smart lock is the same as that of Mai in the physical store. The national joint insurance is reassuring.

The installation is very suitable, simple and atmospheric, the fingerprint verification is very fast, the password unlocking is also sensitive, the automatic locking is very convenient, there is no need to take out the key anymore, and the delivery is quite fast. The installation master calls to make an appointment on the day when the goods are received, and the installation is ready the next day. This efficiency is commendable, the attitude of customer service and installation master is also very good, and they also teach how to use them, Another praise, mom. Don't worry about me. I can't go home when I drink too much. I don't have to bring my keys anymore

Luke intelligent lock


Add chicken legs to the installer!


I most want to praise Luke's finger vein intelligent lock. I think Luke, as the leader of domestic fingerprint lock, can really play a role in quality and quality! I think fingerprint recognition is faster, more accurate, more cost-effective, convenient and novel experience. Now vein recognition and face recognition are more and more sophisticated, more humanized and convenient. Taking dreams as deer, deer customers can expect in the future!


I most want to praise Luke's finger vein fingerprint lock. I'm also bloody and hot. I once didn't believe that I could easily open the door. Later, I learned that finger vein intelligent lock is no longer difficult. Finger palm sweating can unlock the fingerprint. Luke's finger vein intelligent lock makes me a smooth process, The praise sentinel mode is used with smart home. The emergency knob is also very convenient to unlock. It can unlock quickly in case of emergencies. Full marks for details can be called perfect!

Dream start

I'd like to praise Luke's finger vein intelligent lock. Luke's automatic fingerprint lock is really convenient. You can press the fingerprint to open the door directly, which is very easy. Fingerprint identification clarity. Both the elderly and children can open it quickly. I also like the false alarm function. I'm no longer afraid to forget to lock the door, Ouye!

Luke intelligent lock


Like it, Ouye!

Shallow song

Luke intelligent lock adopts the C-level lock cylinder with the highest security level, and supports the functions of anti lock in the door, anti cat eye unlocking and immediate alarm for illegal unlocking. When the door lock is pried, the password is input incorrectly for 5 consecutive times, and the fingerprint is input incorrectly for 15 consecutive times, Luke intelligent lock will immediately send out a high tone alarm to remind the user that the door lock is abnormal.


Luke finger vein intelligent lock is great. It perfectly solves the fingerprint identification problems of special groups such as the elderly and children, and allows users to experience a fast, unhindered and very comfortable unlocking experience. give the thumbs-up! This technological innovation and breakthrough has also brought gratifying results in sales volume and transaction for Luke! Industry leader! In addition, the latest cat's eye rim has made security and appearance top in the industry. I really hope to experience it. If I'm lucky to be selected, I'll have another experience evaluation, and then replace it for both my parents' homes

Luke intelligent lock


Come on, praise!

Stroll in court

Back then, among the many shoddy fingerprint lock armies, the first generation touch was born, focusing on high recognition rate. Then the "classic explosive" was classic. Crowdfunding sold out for several seconds. So far, no product can reach the rush purchase feat of that year! The selling points are mainly selfie and access to MI family, which has established the Jianghu status of lukezuo in one fell swoop.

Then the deer lock began to become a family, spider man version, 2x, to

The innovation of T2P (so-called putting the mobile phone into the door lock) has always been accompanied, while the third generation of products is the change of the shape of the horizontal handle. The streamlined design of S30 and s30p is used as the benchmark product, and SV40 adds the finger vein to completely solve the identification problem of the elderly and children. So far, with Luke for so many years, I most want to praise classic, because it is my "first love", Classics are always remembered!

Luke intelligent lock



You 🤩 Come back, le

As Luke iron powder, thank Luke for keeping the original intention of making products carefully and bringing us a lot of good products to make our living safer and better! We have witnessed the highlight moments of Luke one after another. In my heart, I most want to praise the innovation and breakthrough of Luke's fully automatic intelligent finger vein push-pull password lock!

The fingerprint lock used by our family before, but the drawback is that sometimes the fingers peel and sweat, and the old people's rough fingers and children's immature fingers can't be identified, which is very troublesome. Luhakka's finger vein technology detects the vein image hidden under the skin. The hemoglobin in the flowing blood in the finger vein absorbs infrared light, so as to form the vein image, Further comparison and verification shows that this recognition method collects deeper biological information, which is difficult to steal and copy, and has higher security. It solves a series of problems such as peeling of fingers in my family. It has high recognition and high stability. Moreover, even children are not afraid of false anti lock. Only administrators can open the electronic anti lock. It is very considerate. Only deer customers are so thoughtful, comprehensive and delicate, We must praise the deer's finger vein lock. I plan to replace the door lock at home with finger vein lock to improve the safety index and happiness index!

Luke intelligent lock


For you who understand Luke finger vein intelligent lock, praise!

How does it exist

I checked a lot of information. Because there are old people, I'm afraid the recognition is not sensitive enough. Finally, I compared more than a dozen models and chose Luke. It looks very tall and matches with the door. The door lock is very thick. It looks very safe and powerful. The installation master is also very good, very careful, and many families are very satisfied. It has the alarm function of not locking the door, Now you don't have to worry about people leaving without locking the door. There are still a few times when you forget to insert the key in the door. You don't have to worry about forgetting to take the key when you go out. It's really great. Finally, you have to praise the customer service Lu Jing Bangbang, who answered the questions very quickly and patiently explained it to me. Thank you, ready

Change your parents' house to this. Here you are

Luke intelligent lock


Accept your praise. Xiaobian wants to work overtime at the weekend!

Po · Chan

Smart fingerprint lock is good-looking, like, quality, safety, service and trust. You just need it. I'll be there at any time

This message is only for deer customers

PS: if this message fails, "what's the reason?"

Luke intelligent lock


God is always there!


I most want to praise the intelligent lock of Luke's finger vein, turn static into dynamic, improve quality, truly reflect the scientific and technological progress and bring a better life. I hope SV40 will sell well. I hope I'm lucky to be its user, although I use Luke fingerprint automatic

Luke intelligent lock


Then I wish you a fortune. Buy another ten suites, full SV40!

Stars last night

I like Luke women's voice changing call technology.

Maybe most people don't use this function,

So many people may not know how gentle the person who designs this function is!

Women who are single and alone need this voice change function very much

We may not care at ordinary times, but this function really plays a protective role. It can dispel the thoughts of some people with evil intentions to a certain extent. I think this function is the best!

Luke intelligent lock


Man outside: I'll go. There was a big man at home!! Slip away!


I want to praise the finger vein technology. I have bought other smart locks before, but my fingerprint is not clear due to work,

So sometimes there is no way to identify fingerprints,

Smart locks have become semi smart for me

Because I have to enter a password.

But I really want to praise Luker's finger vein recognition technology,

I think if a brand can consider the needs of a few people,

Then this brand will go far, and Luke has done it.

Through a careful understanding of the finger vein technology

Core function: living body recognition, not afraid of sweaty hands

Not affected by unclear fingerprint, especially serious fingerprint wear

It was directly powdered. Later, a friend bought one,

I went and experienced it. I went and recognized it very quickly,

And unlike other locks that can't identify my fingerprints, it's the Savior of people with unclear fingerprints. Let's arrange it directly on double 11!

With finger vein technology, mom doesn't have to worry anymore. I can't open the door!

Ha ha ha 😁

Luke intelligent lock


Mom: I'm not worried if you can open the door!


I most want to praise Luke's finger vein fingerprint lock. I struggled for a long time because my fingers and my family peeled and what kind of smart door lock was installed during decoration. Later, I learned about the finger vein smart lock under the introduction of my friends. It doesn't have to worry about my children's fingers peeling and sweating easily, and worry about fingerprint unlocking, Due to their busy farming life, their parents finally chose the Luke finger vein intelligent lock, so that our family can unlock easily and happily. In addition, the sentinel mode is used with the smart home. The whole family can feel at ease when they go back to their hometown or go out for a long time. Moreover, the emergency knob unlocking is also very humanized, which can unlock quickly in case of emergencies, Once my child had a high fever in the middle of the night. I was very anxious, and I felt its convenience.


Because the fingerprints of the elderly at home are fuzzy and even chapped in winter, the fingerprint lock is directly excluded. Moreover, the elderly are forgetful, so it is not convenient to use password and NFC. Personally, I feel that contact unlocking is faster and face recognition consumes more power, so I finally chose the finger vein. Therefore, I did not hesitate to choose Luke. When choosing the lock, I learned that Luke is a very young brand, but it won't shake me at all, because making products with heart can be seen! I hope Luke will get better and better and continue to change life with technology!

Luke intelligent lock


Thank you for your support!! Thank you for your trust!!

Lou lele

Technology is convenient for you, me and him. Together with intelligent toilet and hand-held vacuum cleaner, it is called the three magic tools to improve family happiness. The classic bought three years ago is convenient and fast. The only deficiency is the identification of the elderly and children, but you can use a password. In recent years, a variety of smart locks including NFC and other functions have been continuously produced, but they still mainly rely on fingerprints and do not solve the problems. When SV40 came out, it was exciting to see the introduction. It took two months to replace it in the new house. Generally speaking, the operation was simple, the functions were complete, the recognition rate was very high, and it was basically opened in seconds. There were no problems for the elderly and children at home, and the pain points were solved. Jingdong double 11, squatting and grabbing one and installing it at his parents' house. In short, it is recommended.

Luke intelligent lock


Got it! Scatter flowers! Scatter flowers!

Luke intelligent lock


Ha ha ha, congratulations on Jingdong!! This period's activity and refueling Oh, praise the volume, rush to the top 10, and you will have the opportunity to take another SV40!

Wheat shop

Of course, you should like the special intimate "finger vein" unlocking function, the "automatic locking" function and the "Mi family intelligent linkage" function

1. Finger vein unlocking:

Wet hands? Repeatedly trying to be locked?

Home is right in front of you, but you can't get in?

Don't be afraid, don't be afraid. Try the finger vein unlocking function, which is specially suitable for people with bad fingerprints. Even if you are a hand gnawing family, you're not afraid!

2. Automatic locking function:

At the moment of leaving home, repeatedly confirm whether the door is locked?

It's not that complicated

Leave home, lock it automatically and cure your obsessive-compulsive disorder every minute

3. Mijia intelligent linkage function:

Most home appliances are intelligent. Do you want to join the intelligent team?

Of course, in this age, let me see. No one really hasn't used Luke's smart fingerprint lock. After all, even my mother has started to use it!

I have bought several fingerprint locks of Luke, including classic 2 and S30. Recently, I learned that SV40 refers to vein intelligent lock. Many advantages are saying to my wallet: come on, come on

Luke intelligent lock


Plant grass, plant grass!


"You want to give Luke some praise most." since I used Luke finger vein lock, I really want to give Amway to my friends who need to buy smart lock. I recommend it every person. Because I have been selecting smart lock since my new house was renovated. Later, I compared kaidishi, deshman, Xiaomi and Samsung and finally decided to buy Luke finger vein lock. First, finger vein lock is safer than fingerprint lock It is highly unique and unique. At present, there are no cracked cases in the world. Second, it is especially suitable for families with old people and children at home. It is not affected by many factors such as fingerprint wear and water on hand. It has been used for half a year, and it turns on every second without failure. Third, in addition to the good-looking appearance, the most reassuring thing for me is installation, after-sales and safety Master Zhuang taught me at my house all afternoon and left after all the debugging. My grandmother learned it in her 80s.

Finally, to tell you the truth, good things still need to be used before you know. Now I'm a loyal fan of Luke

Luke intelligent lock


Fawn is about to become your loyal fan!


What do you want to praise Luke most

Loock finger vein intelligent lock perfectly solves the problem of low fingerprint recognition rate of the elderly, children and those with unclear fingerprints. It can be opened with wet and dirty hands. It has a high appearance and is perfect!

Yunding network technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., referred to as Yunding technology for short, was established in May 2014. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a specialized and new "little giant" enterprise of the Ministry of industry and information technology and a key enterprise in Haidian District. It focuses on the R & D and production of home intelligent security products and services. With the mission of "making living safer and better", it is committed to scientific and technological innovation, Become the trusted partner of every family.

The company's main brands are Yunding and Luke. Yunding brand, which focuses on Intelligent rental business, mainly provides intelligent basic services integrating software and hardware for various rental scenarios, including intelligent hardware such as intelligent door lock, intelligent water and electricity meter, intelligent access control and intelligent gateway, and the intelligent apartment management platform "peace of mind" SaaS. As of December 2020, the number of in-depth service customers has exceeded 15000, and 150 of the top 200 brand apartments have in-depth cooperation with Yunding, and have been recognized by many government public rental projects across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, xiong'an, etc.

For the Loock brand in the home market, it mainly provides smart door locks with different forms and rich functional experience for home scenes, as well as a variety of smart home security products such as smart cat eyes, so as to help ordinary consumers build a safer smart life. By may 2020, the overall sales volume of Luke products had exceeded 1 million units.

In addition, as a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise, Yunding technology has also worked with Xiaomi to create a variety of products such as Xiaomi smart door locks, Xiaomi smart cat eyes and Mijia smart safe deposit boxes, so as to further promote the popularization of domestic smart home security products. At the same time, it has also carried out international layout, launched the international brand lockin overseas, and has been widely recognized and praised by users in many countries.

As an innovation driven Internet start-up company, Yunding technology attaches great importance to product innovation. As of September 2020, it has applied for more than 355 patents and has more than 185 patents in China. At the same time, Yunding technology also actively promoted the improvement and upgrading of industry standards. It not only took the lead in passing the relevant standard testing certification of the testing center of the Ministry of public security, obtained the certification and authorization of ZigBee 3.0, Alibaba cloud Id2 inside and apple MFI manufacturer, but also joined the National Information Security Standardization Committee (tc260) and the intelligent door lock standard working group of the national intelligent Standards Committee, And the technical expert group of compulsory product certification of CNCA, which participated in the formulation of a number of national standards, group standards and industrial standards.

Since its inception, Yunding technology has obtained 8 rounds of financing. Investors include Baidu, Xiaomi, Shunwei capital, Lenovo star, SIG, Xianfeng evergreen, baidu venture capital, Fosun Group, red star Macalline, Shuanghu capital, blueprint venture capital, Detong capital and other institutions.

Yunding technology is not only a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise, but also the first batch of Tencent AI accelerator enterprises and a member enterprise of ZigBee alliance. At present, Yunding technology is a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent door locks, with more than 5 million sets of equipment installed and more than 8.5 million tenants + households served. Yunding service covers 270 + cities in China, with 1500 installation engineers and 7 * 24-hour online customer service. Yunding technology continuously optimizes the service experience and is committed to building a leading intelligent door lock service platform in China.

The members of Yunding technology team are from top companies in the three fields of Internet, consumer electronics and electronic locks, and the employees are from top Internet, consumer electronics and electronic locks companies such as bat, 360, Huawei, apple, DJI and Intel.

In the future, based on its own research and development and independent operation, Yunding will further build and improve a complete closed-loop chain from production, channel, marketing to service, and provide users with a full set of worry-free residential security services on the basis of rich intelligent security products.