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The Secret of The Success of Luqibing,the top 3 agent for Philips Smart Lock in China Domestic Market
Release time:2021-12-03

abstract:story about the famous vendor and agent of smart lock.

What is the secret of the success of Lu Qibing, an industry veteran who has worked for 20 years from the production line to the top 3, a national agent of Philips smart lock?

In 2000, Lu Qibing, who had just graduated from school, came to Shenzhen, the forefront of reform and opening up with a dream. In the process of seeking his dream, he mistakenly entered a smart lock factory and became inseparable from the smart lock; Today, more than 20 years later, he has changed from an employee in the production line of an intelligent lock factory to a large intelligent lock manufacturer with an average monthly sales of nearly 1000 sets, ranking among the top three national agents of Philips intelligent locks.

luqibing philips agent.jpg

▲ Lu Qibing, general representative of Philips intelligent lock in Shenzhen

So, how did Lu Qibing change from a front-line employee of intelligent lock production to a big intelligent lock manufacturer? What is the secret of his success?


More than 20 load with lock connection

Butterfly change from intelligent lock production line to agent

In 2000, Lu Qibing, who had just stepped out of the school gate, was doomed to be inseparable from the smart lock in his life since the moment he dealt with the smart lock. "I worked in that smart lock factory for 10 years and didn't leave until 2010. The reason why I wanted to leave was that I didn't want to live a nine to five life. After all, it's difficult to gain a foothold in a metropolis like Shenzhen with a salary of thousands of yuan a month, so I decided to start a business and start my own business."

Due to his working experience in the smart lock factory, Lu Qibing knows the smart lock products and industry like the back of his hand. More importantly, he has deeply fallen in love with the industry since the moment he became acquainted with the smart lock. Therefore, he still chose the smart lock industry as the base for entrepreneurship. "Because I have been in an intelligent lock manufacturer, I know very well that building an intelligent lock brand is not easy. It is difficult to do it without a complete production chain and strong funds. Therefore, I think being an intelligent lock agent is my best choice and way out."

After becoming an intelligent lock agent, Lu Qibing once acted as an agent for several intelligent lock brands, which experienced some twists and turns. He introduced to the world: "I once acted as an agent for a small brand. In order to gain a foothold in the fierce competition, it followed the tide and fought a price war, and always thought about how to reduce the cost and use the most inferior accessories and materials in the production process. It can be imagined that the quality of the smart lock produced in this way must not pass the customs, there are many after-sales problems, and the most important thing is that it can not be properly solved by the manufacturer."


▲ Philips smart lock store

After this painful lesson, Lu Qibing decided to find a reliable smart lock brand for long-term cooperation. In the second year when Philips smart lock entered the Chinese market, taking advantage of the vacancy of Philips smart lock Shenzhen general representative, he quickly signed an agency agreement with Philips smart lock and became Philips smart lock Shenzhen general representative.


Back against a big tree to enjoy the cool

Acting for Philips smart lock makes me more confident

Lu Qibing said frankly: "The reason why I chose Philips smart lock is that, on the one hand, Philips is a big international brand, a popular brand recognized and accepted by the majority of consumers, and also a recognized head brand in the smart lock industry. Therefore, acting for Philips smart lock makes me feel very confident; on the other hand, Philips smart lock has a complete production from design, R & D to production The industry chain can ensure the quality and stability of products. "

"Especially in terms of R & D, Philips smart lock has always been the wind vane of the industry and the object of many smart lock brands to imitate. However, most brands have not imitated the essence of Philips smart lock and are far from Philips smart lock in terms of quality, experience and function. In fact, the R & D strength of Philips smart lock is obvious to all, and has been up to now this year More than 10 new smart locks have been launched. With products leading the industry, our agents have plenty of ammunition in their hands and have more confidence in developing the market. "Lu Qibing said to the door lock world.


▲ Philips universal interchangeable visual intelligent lock ddl708

Lu Qibing was most impressed by Philips's heavy new product this year, the fully automatic universal interchangeable visual intelligent lock ddl708. The ddl708 has a built-in 2 megapixel camera, supports Wi Fi networking, and has app real-time intelligent control functions such as two-way intercom and remote visualization. A 4-inch IPS display screen is also built on the indoor panel for optional use. Click the button on the screen to clearly view the door At the same time, ddl708 also has security functions such as automatic capture and video recording of abnormal behavior, automatic locking of door closing, double verification and multiple alarms, so as to protect users' property and personal safety in an all-round way.

As the first imported smart lock brand to launch universal interchangeable visual smart lock, Philips ddl708 has received strong attention from all walks of life and recognized by the majority of consumers. Lu Qibing told the door lock world: "At present, most of the universal interchangeable fully automatic visual intelligent locks on the market are small brands. The launch of Philips ddl708 just makes up for the vacancy that no imported brand has launched universal interchangeable visual intelligent locks. Therefore, after listing, the market performance is very strong. I can sell one or two hundred sets in Shenzhen a month."

In Lu Qibing's opinion, the smart lock industry will eventually be the same as the mobile phone industry. After fierce competition, it is bound to usher in a reshuffle. Finally, only a few head brands are left to compete for the market. He said: "The reason why I chose Philips smart lock to stop being a small brand is because I am worried that small brands may be washed away at any time in the process of shuffling, and small brand agents will also face the fate of being washed away."


20 years of "lock enlightenment"

Service must be done well to make intelligent locks

Today, Lu Qibing, who has been acting for Philips smart lock for nearly three years, has made many remarkable achievements. His team has grown from one or two people at the beginning to more than 20 people now. More importantly, at the beginning of acting for Philips smart lock in 2018, he squeezed into the top 20 of the national list of Philips smart lock agents in only three months; in 2019, he ranked 17th He ranked fourth among the top 5 dealers of Philips smart lock in China; in 2020, he ranked the top three in China. At the Philips smart lock 2020 dealer conference, he also won the title of "top ten outstanding dealers of Philips smart lock in 20 years".


▲ Lu Qibing won the "top ten outstanding dealers of Philips smart lock in 20 years"

In Lu Qibing's opinion, apart from having good brands and products as support, good service is also very important to achieve today's achievements. He said: "My biggest insight in making smart locks for more than 20 years is that making smart locks is doing services, and my mobile phone has never been turned off and is on standby for 24 hours, just to provide timely and high-quality services to our customers. When customers encounter problems, they don't hurry to make an appointment for door-to-door treatment. If they can't open the door, we'll solve them immediately."

Lu Qibing introduced to the door lock world that Shenzhen, as a first tier city, has a large number of high-end customer groups. They have high requirements for brand, product quality, experience and service. Therefore, in order to win the trust of these customers, the popularity and strength of the smart lock brand is particularly important, and high-end brands such as Philips smart lock can also capture the hearts of high-end customer groups. Therefore, he is very optimistic about the high-end brand positioning of Philips smart lock. He believes that with the strong brand strength and influence of Philips smart lock, it is very helpful for agents to explore the market.


▲ Philips smart lock community promotion

"Now group purchase has become a new sales model in the smart lock industry. A customer bought a new building. After installing a Philips smart lock, he also recognized the Philips smart lock products and services, so he took a small video and sent it to the owners. Unexpectedly, everyone was very interested in Philips smart lock. A small video led to more than 200 group purchase orders "We have done a lot in community group buying like this. This case tells me that as long as the service is done well, there will be no shortage of customers," Lu Qibing said.

After the epidemic came, offline agents were affected to a certain extent. In order to help agents get out of the dilemma caused by epidemic lock, Philips smart lock manufacturers also helped agents expand Vanke property channels. Lu Qibing told the door lock world: "through the Vanke property channel built by Philips smart lock for us, we can sell 100 sets of smart locks in Shenzhen a month."

Finally, when talking about the long-term development of smart lock dealers, Lu Qibing said: "First of all, we should choose a good and reliable brand, preferably the leading brand in the industry, so as not to face the fate of being eliminated in the process of industry reshuffle; secondly, we must pay attention to after-sales and service and do a good job in the last kilometer of smart lock sales; in addition, we must establish a professional team, and only team cooperation can make it bigger and stronger."